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It is easy to be caught up with the glitz and glamour from many online casino sites but this can often just mask a poor quality site. There is no doubt that first impressions can count for a lot when looking at new sites because there are so many to consider. This is why players need to make a conscious effort to get beyond the look of a site and actually look at what it has on offer. There is no point in arguing that the 5Dimes Casino site is a great looking site, it isn’t but in the long run, that is not something that is going to be of great concern to the players that use the site.

There are a lot of things that should be important when looking at an online casino site and reputation and reliability should definitely be at the top of the list. This is where the history of a site can make a big difference and the fact that the 5Dimes Casino site has been in operation since 1996 tells you everything you need to know. With players coming back to the site on a regular basis, this is definitely something that you can take comfort from.

Get a welcome bonus

However, there has to be more than a history to encourage players to sign up for a new site and the welcome bonus that is on offer is always going to be a factor for some players. When it comes to the 5Dimes site, is important to have a think about where you are located because this will have an impact on how much money you can deposit into your account. Any player that is currently outside of North America will find themselves limited to an initial deposit of $100. This is not a bad level and should be enough to get people started but it is always good to know any limitations before the games begin.

This $100 initial deposit is still enough to allow players to earn the welcome bonus from the 5Dimes site, which begins at $100. Anyone making a deposit of between $100 and $400 will receive a 50% bonus when they sign up. This is not as much as many welcome bonuses on offer but when you think of the other benefits that come from using this site; it is good to get something for your trouble. Any player in North America that places over $400 on their initial deposit will receive an additional 20% bonus on top of their 50% bonus, which means that the money can really start to add up quickly.

Plenty of wager opportunities

Now that you have money in your account, it is only natural that you will want to know what to do with it. Thankfully the 5Dimes site has more than enough to keep you interested and the site boasts about having over 1,000 betting opportunities every day. This will be more than enough for surely every online gaming fan and no matter what your background is or what your interests are, there is surely going to be something of interest to you on a site of this size and magnitude.

The layout of the site is quite clear, which means that even though there are plenty of options to choose from, it is a rather painless process. Some sites would be tempted to have a cluttered approach, bombarding players with offers and options but it is not the case on this site. The plain white background helps players to retain a focus on their gaming fun and no matter what you are looking for, you is never more than a few clicks away.

Get support when you need it most

If you are in trouble looking for something on the site, help is at hand. This is down to the fact that 5Dimes provides a great range of support systems for players to get in touch with. No matter where you are situated, there will be an easy method of getting in touch with the site should any problem arise. It is not likely that there will be many problems in using the site but you just never know when something will go wrong so it is good to know that there is help available if required.

If you are on the go or prefer to access the internet via a smart-phone or tablet, it may be of interest to know that there is a 5Dimes mobile option. The mobile option is becoming a popular choice in the modern era and it should allow players to place bets or have casino fun whenever they want. Waiting for someone or the daily commute has never been as much fun as it is when you can have access to your favourite casino games and sports betting opportunities.

One of the ways that the 5Dimes site stands out is in the sports betting opportunities it provides. If you have a wide sporting interest, this is likely to be the site that you will keep returning to. The major sports including American sports are all included so if you love to place a wager, this could be the site for you. However, the site also prides itself on having a wide range of betting opportunities, boasting about the fact that there are European water polo bets available if that takes your interest. Quite simply, if you like sports betting, you will love this site.

Plenty of casino opportunities

Sports betting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to opportunities on the site though and you should find something for everyone. There is plenty of great poker and skill games options and you should find lottery games from virtually every state. These games provide a better return than the actual lottery itself so if you are looking to win big, make sure you are taking the bets that provide a better return for your money. There is no doubt that betting sensibly can bring a better reward for players and again, this site is able to provide players with what they need.

There are also plenty of casino opportunities available for players so if you enjoy the buzz and excitement of casino games, you will find plenty on this site. Roulette and baccarat are available, which means the big games can be found but of course, when it comes to casino games, many people cannot see beyond blackjack. The blackjack table is easily one of the most exciting places you can find in the casino and it is good to see that this atmosphere and action has been replicated for home players.

Blackjack games adds a lot the site

There are five main blackjack games available on the 5Dime Casino site which should provide plenty of options for any keen blackjack player. Blackjack 1 Deck is the most common game to be found on site but Blackjack 6 Deck is another hugely popular game for all blackjack fans.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a more liberal version of the game with additional pay-out bonuses and the ability to double down on any number of cards is a good thing for players.

Lucky 7s

Another game to be found on site is Lucky 7s and the benefit of this game comes from side-bets. The emergence of side-bets in the online casino industry has helped players to gain more excitement from the traditional blackjack game. In Lucky 7s, the player picks up on the side-bet if their first, second or third card is a 7. The game features an optional side-bet, where you win if the first one, two, or three cards dealt to a hand are the 7 card(s).

Superfun 21

Superfun 21 blackjack probably brings the most opportunities to win, which makes it an excellent game for players to get involved in. If you are keen to be a winner, this may well be your best opportunity. This is another game where there is a great freedom with the rules so the game on one site may be very different from how the game is played on another site.

Play live blackjack

Blackjack fans will also be delighted to know that there is a live blackjack option for players on the site. Improving technology has created the situation where players can play against a live dealer, which is a great incentive for many players. Being able to see the dealer pass out the cards and make human decisions is something that can increase the excitement and drama of any game.

There are also blackjack tournaments which take place every day so no matter when you are available, you will have the chance to get involved with the action on the site. There are single tournaments always available but be sure to keep checking back to the site to find out when the bets tournaments are being played.

Overall, the 5Dimes site may not be the most aesthetically pleasing or attractive but it provides everything else you could want from a site.