Blackjack Actions You Need To Be Aware Of

Blackjack, like many card games, will have terms that at first, you will not know the meaning of. There is nothing too difficult about a game of blackjack but obviously the quicker you learn the lingo, the more comfortable you will feel when playing the game. This is why it is important for blackjack players to know what is involved when certain terms or names come up as it could be the difference between winning and losing. More importantly, it may save you from some embarrassment, which is always something to avoid!

Hit and Stand are common blackjack actions

These are the most commonly used blackjack terms and they are ones that even the most novice of blackjack player should get to know right away. The minute you start playing and you receive your two cards from the dealer, your thought process should be thinking about whether you want to hit or take a stand.

A hit is when you ask for another card from the dealer and you should ask for this in certain circumstances. You will hit when you think taking another card will take you closer to the 21 mark without actually taking you beyond that level. It is always important to think clearly about what your score might be, there will be sometimes when you take a hit and go over 21 but that is sometimes the nature of the game. There are strategies to consider when deciding between whether to take a hit or take a stand but if your initial hand is worth less than 12 points, always take the hit. If your hand is between 13 and 16, base your decision on what the dealer has face up and if you think they will go over 21 stand but if you think they will remain in the game, opt to hit.

If the hand you are holding is worth 17 or more, you are more likely to stand because the likely outcome of taking another card will be to push you over the 21 limit. No matter what happens in blackjack, the upper limit of 21 should always be in your mind and if you think taking one more card is likely to push you beyond that level, you don’t want to take another card. This is where you should stand and then see what unfolds with the dealer and any other players you are playing with.

Double down if you get the chance!

The double down is a decision that can only be made as the first decision of a hand but it is one that can be rather interesting. This decision allows a player to increase their first bet by up to 100% as long as they agree to commit to standing after they receive an extra card. This extra bet is held in the betting box beside the original bet. Obviously this depends on your confidence of the game and what you think your next card might be but having the chance to increase your bet is something that will appeal to players and when used properly, the double down can be an important tactic for any serious blackjack player.

Split if you like

Much like the double down, the split is a decision that has to be made as the first decision of your hand but that is where the similarities end. If the two cards you have been dealt hold the same value, it is possible for the player to split them up into two hands, placing a second bet which has the same value as the first bet into a section separate from the betting box of their initial bet. The dealer will then move the two cards apart and will draw a further card for each card, placing an individual bet with each hand. The player is then able to play out two separate hands, which they do so in turn, but there are some restrictions. For instance, some casinos will not consider a 10 and a face card to be of the same value for a split. They are both worth 10 but they are not considered identical in some casinos although many do. It is best to check if this is a valid play. It is also worth bearing in mind that a blackjack after a split is deemed to be a non-blackjack 21, so you could lose against the dealer if they have a blackjack.

Surrender is always an option

Similar to double down or split, the surrender option must be the first one played by a player in their hand. If a player decides that there is no point in playing through with their hand, they can surrender, which means that the house will take half of the players bet and then return the remaining half to the player. It is easy to see that this can be a sensible solution to minimise any losses that may occur during a game, which is an important part of any blackjack game. It is not always about the winning, being able to lessen the impact of losing games is also something important for blackjack players to think about.

Insurance is a sensible option

It is possible to place a side-bet that the dealer will have blackjack and this bet can stand independently from the main wager. The bet pays out at 2:1 and is available to play when the dealer’s card is an ace. If this is the case, there is near enough a one in three chance that the dealer will receive a 10 card, which means that they will have a blackjack and the player will lose out. This means that bringing in an insurance bet is a way of minimising your losses and can make you feel like a winner even if technically the dealer has been the winner!

Taking the time to understand these actions will help you get more from blackjack and should ensure you stand a chance of winning regularly in this great game.